Ruter AS is a publicly owned company that is responsible for the public transport in Oslo. In 2018, the bicycle share in Oslo was around 8 percent, and the municipality wants to double this share by 2025. In addition, Ruter also wants walking and cycling to help increase the growth in passenger traffic. Still, there are several reasons why people choose to leave the bike standing.​​​​​​​ Based on Ruter's new travel app, the concept SykkelRuter includes a number of inputs to further include bicycles as a full-fledged means of transport.
Five week course in Service and Interaction Design at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, spring 2019 - in collaboration with Ann Kristin Eriksen and Ruter.  
User testing
The concept mainly consists of a digital service that aims to make the Oslo cycle path network more available for people, and adapt it to different needs.During the project we've read reports, done interviews, observations, made app prototypes and arranged user testings. 
Core Service Offerings
Route preferences in the app that allow you to customize routes to your preferences and needs.    E.g. to avoid routes with the least possible car traffic.
Include bicycle locking as part of the trip planner. In this way, Ruter contributes to the bike being taken into account all the way.
Visibility of various points in the map section such as Oslo city bikes, bicycle parking, service points, etc.
Notifications of any changes that could affect your route. For example. roadworks and police roadblocks.
Illustrations: Eila Rishovd
Adjust preferences according to different travels
Photo: Magasinet Lyskultur
Include locking as part of the journey
Notifications that could inform about changes in you daly route
Throughout the project we got in contact with a lady named "Sara" who uses her bike a lot. All her daily routes she has composed herself, this to avoid routes with too much car traffic. But when she is traveling somewhere new, she doesn't feel safe riding her bike because she's afraid the route is unsafe. Then she prefers using her car instead. Sara showed us one of her daily routes, and we didn't meet a single car! We also saw she didn't mind crossing other systems, e.g. by crossing the subway roads to follow the safest route.
 Photo: Ann Kristin Eriksen
"Hvis ikke Ruter skjønner at de må legge om sykkelrutene til de mindre belastede gatene, så er de helt ute og kjøre spør du meg!" 
- Sara
User journey based on people we've talked with throughout the project. 
Illustrations: Ann Kristin Eriksen and Eila Rishovd