Mine utmerkelser
Finn.no is a Norwegian online marketplace that helps individuals and companies mediate various types of advertisements and services. During an internship I worked as a UX designer as part of a student team consisting of two designers and four developers. In the beginning of the project we were given the brief: "How can we create engagement and trust through celebrating users' achievements on FINN?"

8 week project during an internship with FINN, 2021 - in collaboration with Nora Kastellet, Sofia Eika, Carl Smestad, Ellen Zhang Chang and Anh-Kha Nguyen Vo, in addition to our mentors working in FINN
Mine utmerkelser is a concepts aiming to create engagements among FINN users by celebrating their achievements on FINN through badges. The badges we added fall into two sections: transactions (“Handler”) and interests (“Interesser”). In addition, based on user research, the site also displays the money earned and the users' environmental contribution.
In addition to other UX related tasks, my job also consisted of illustrating all badges using Procreate and Illustrator.