KIM is a design solution exploring themes related to gender and identity amongst young children. The service aims to create safer and more inclusive schools, and KIM will do this by contribute making school employees working with 5th-7th graders more confident in topics related to gender and identity through practical and knowledge-based courses. In addition, the service provides tangible tools for use with the pupils to explore gender issues. 
Semester project in service design at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, 2018 - in collaboration with Eirunn Kvalnes
Throughout the project we've been working close with school staff members in Oslo, and subject matter experts from Rosa Kompetanse and the association Fri. In addition, we also did some user tests and observed relevant courses to get a better understanding of the topic when entering a school setting.
"I feel it's often a coincidence if questions and themes related to gender identity are addressed in the teaching. I think a good number of teachers find it uncomfortable to talk about it, or they have a lack of knowledge, so they avoid the topic..."
 - School Assistant, 4th grade, Oslo 
Visual Identity
The project also consisted of branding design and creating a visual identity. We chose to use of the typical gender symbols as a starting point to create some graphical elements to use as part of the branding. The colors used were to be strong and colorful to create some playfulness around the potentially serious topic. As the font we chose an easily readable sans serif called "Montserrat" with rounded shapes and a friendly look. This fit well with our tone of voice that were to be understanding, safe and fun.