Kirkens Bymisjon - A New Strategy
Kirkens Bymisjon is a large organization with 1800 employees spread throughout 12 foundations around Norway. These foundations are legally independent of each other and perform their work specifically adapted to their local environment and its needs. During my internship at Scandinavian Design Group, I got the opportunity to work with Kirkens Bymsjon who wanted to create a shared strategy that would guide each foundation in the same direction and strengthen the organization’s work towards 2025.
During my Design Internship, 2019/2020 -  In collaboration with Scandinavian Design Group for Kirkens Bymisjon
Throughout the project SDG made sure Kirkens Bymisjon’s staff received training in process management and, as a result, led processes and workshops at their local foundations. In this project my task was mainly to contribute with designing custom tools for the leaders to use when facilitating workshops in their foundations. Both graphically and content-wise. In addition, I also participated in creating and facilitating workshop exercises to be used by 180 participants at The Annual Employee Conference 2019. The exercises were to engage and create discussions between employees who here got the opportunity to contribute constructively to the new strategy for 2025. 
Most of the graphical tools made were to be used after the conference individually in each foundation.  Due to the (maybe) unfamiliar setting for the leaders the tools needed to be understandable and easily accessible. The tools were uploaded to Kirkens Bymisjon’s internal website to get downloaded, printed and used by the facilitators.
During my internship at SDG I also contributed with some video making for Kirkens Bymisjon. Eg. this video to summarize and communicate the new strategy decided based on, among other things, the Annual Employee Conference.